Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hamasistan & East Palestine

By all accounts Hamas is making steady gains in their conquest of the Gaza strip, having earlier today overrun the headquarters building of the PA's Preventative Security Service (Preventing Security Since 1993!). However, Fatah forces have dismissed such rumors as part of a propaganda war on the part of Hamas. In fact, Fatah's position in the Gaza Strip is so secure that their party's leader, Palestinian Authotity President Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) met with his top aides way the hell over in the West Bank to "assess the situation" and perhaps rethink his governing coalition with Hamas.

With Hamas now pretty much in control of the whole of Gaza and having not much of a presence in the West Bank (what with those evil Zionists locking up most of their local leaders and all), it's pretty obvious what the outcome here is going to be: a) An Islamist wing-nut paradise in the Gaza Strip and b) a lovely, moderate Arab republic for the "secular" wing-nuts in the West Bank. Take a look at your map of the Middle East, boys and girls, and you'll see who's now stuck standing between these lovely fellows. That's right, it's Israel! And as we all know, everybody hates Israel . . . well, most everybody, anyway. I mean, there's the US, the UK (I think), and we pay Egypt to pretend to like them, but I digress. Even if Hamas takes a moment to catch its collective breath, eventually one or the other of them is going to start a cross-border war, mainly becasue thy're both just plain stupid. And in that event, Hamas wins again because they have open access to the sea and, thus, easy access to arms shipments from their new best friends in Iran who late last year promised to maintain a united front against Zionist aggression, or something like that. Meanwhile, Israel's "Partners in Peace", aka Fatah, have easy access to . . . Jordan. And Israel. How do you say "Say goodnight, Gracie" in Hebrew?