Friday, March 13, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Guantanamo Sept 11 Trial

    If you were paying attention to the news this week you should've noticed that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his cohorts released a statement (PDF) responding to the government's conspiracy allegations vis-à-vis the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  I went and read their statement and, aside from the fact that they should've hired a ghostwriter, or someone with an understanding of basic English syntax and grammar, one bit in particular caught my attention.  In response to allegations of terrorism, they write:
Our prophet was victorious because of fear . . . So, our religion is a religion of fear and terror to the enemies of God: the Jews, Christians, and pagans.  With God's wiling, we are terrorists to the bone. So, many thanks to God.
So, here we have it. They admit, openly and without reservation, that they are terrorists, that their religion is one of terror, and that this has been true since its inception.  In a sane world these men, and all others like them, would be hanging at the end of a rope.  Instead, we live in a civilized world where some think we have to come to a greater understanding with those who would simply destroy us.  Regarding understanding, the 9-11 Shura Council has this to say:
Also, God has informed us, in his book, of what is in your heart from fear and terror towards us, and that you fear and have been terrorized from us more than God himself. Verse 13, AI-Hashir: ((Of a truth you (Muslims) are more feared in their (the infidels from Christians, Jews, and others) hearts, than Allah. This is because they are men devoid of understanding.))
In this, they're right.  And it seems that the more they tell us, the more we choose to just not understand.